Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Review Of Epic: Stories Of Survival... by Clint Willis

If you enjoy survival & adventure stories like I do, then Epic:  Stories Of Survival From The World's Highest Peaks should keep you entertained for several nights. This book is a collection of stories from climbers who faced unbelievable circumstances while climbing Everest, K2, Anna Purna and other dangerous mountains.


Each chapter features individual accounts from men such as John Krakauer, Greg Child, Joe Tasker, Peter Boardman, David Roberts, Eric Shipton & Alfred Lansing, as well as many more. Some of the conditions these men faced were extreme, even the worst possible scenarios one could imagine. As I read this collection by Clint Willis, I imagined myself in these particular situations, and tried to visualize just how I'd be able to cope as well as some of these men did. I found myself in one instant believing how crazy they were, yet simultaneously feeling how awesome to survive against such overwhelming odds.

Each time I've found myself in a book discussion with friends or people in general, this book is one I mention quite frequently. Clint Willis has also put out some other collections of mountain rescue expeditions. No doubt I'll be picking up some more of his books. Grab yourself a copy & enjoy!

~The Pilgrim.