Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steve Gillman's Hiking & Backpacking Articles

If you've been an ultralight hiker for any great length of time, then you've probably heard of a guy by the name of Steve Gillman. If you haven't, then go and check out Steve has posted countless articles on the subjects of hiking & backpacking, wilderness tips & some other subjects as well.

Most everyone in the backpacking community knows of Ray Jardine, commonly known as the father of ultralight backpacking. Ray's revolutionary ideas & views on hiking with lighter weight has literally transformed the way thousands of people all over the world enjoy the outdoor world today. His site,, is packed full of tips & kits for sale, everything from making your own pack to tarp-tent, backpack to knife-making kit. Lots of good stuff at reasonable prices.

Steve Gillman has done much to further educate hikers & backpackers in the area of ultralight hiking. His latest article on building a wilderness shelter can be seen at It's a really good article. His book, Ultralight Backpacking Secrets, can be downloaded through his site for $7. The information found in his book is well worth more than the $7 charge.

I've implented quite a few of the suggestions from Steve's book, as well as other articles of his. So, for anyone looking to gain a bit of knowledge & more insight into ultralight hiking, head on over to Steve's site & check it out.

~Till next time, The Pilgrim.